Printmaking – Pop Culture Collagraph

Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural and Community Centre (QEPCCC)

Studio Arts Programs from QEPCC gives students the opportunity to engage in hands-on creative programs in a number of Studio Arts led by an artist instructor. A variety of studio arts are available with different maximum and minimum student participant numbers for each.

A collagraph is a print taken from a collaged plate. The word collagraph comes from the word “Kolla”, which in Greek means glue and draw. This program explores making plates using Bristol board and then inking them and printing on paper.

Curriculum Connection:The Arts (Visual Art); Language Arts (Media Literacy)

Duration: 2 hours

Capacity: 12 (minimum)-30 students (maximum)

Bus Booking Code: CC7

Book: Printmaking – Pop Culture Collagraph

(Program provider will confirm availability directly. Some programs will have specific availability.)

(Some programs have limitations) Please ensure the maximum number of students attend each performance as specified by the arts organization.

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