Maples and Oaks (Registration Required)

Oakvillegreen Conservation Association

  • IN- SCHOOL – (Available in person only to Oakville schools) Grades 1 to 5.

Maple and oak trees are a distinctive ecological and cultural feature for Oakville’s urban forest. These trees provide multiple benefits for human well-being and wildlife. Students will learn to identify maple and oak trees. They will find out what trees need to survive, how they communicate, and how trees help and support each other. Students will learn about the importance of growing and caring for native trees. Students will choose a maple or oak tree in their school community and will observe, investigate, and organize information about the chosen tree. Students will identify relationships between their tree and other organisms. They will make their own pledge of how to care for the chosen tree or contribute in other ways to the well-being of our urban forest. The program deepens students’ connection to nature and provides a greater understanding and appreciation of their local environment.

  • Duration: 50 minutes 
  • In school 
  • Max # of students: 30

Book: Maples and Oaks (Registration Required)

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