Improvisation (Improv)


This program will teach your students about:

  • Being bold and confident – taking a good risk by stepping out and trying. Learning about performance anxiety and reframing fear into excitement.
  • Presentation – learning how to speak clearly in front of a group and grab their attention.
  • Team-work – understanding that everyone has something to bring to the table and every idea is a gift – working together organically to create an artistic piece.
  • Individuality – understanding your voice is unique and worth hearing

And given extra time: Character work:

  • Trying to represent someone else’s point of view and see how it is to be them.
  • How to be compassionate.
  • The power of story and how we develop it.

Capacity: max. 15 students per performance

Book: Improvisation (Improv)

(Program provider will confirm availability directly. Some programs will have specific availability.)

(Some programs have limitations) Please ensure the maximum number of students attend each performance as specified by the arts organization.

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