Connection to the Land, Debwewin and Nation of the Future (Registration Required)

VIRTUAL- We are all treaty people. When we learn about the historical and contemporary Treaties in Oakville, we grow into Debwewin—the Truth that guides us forward to honour the mutually beneficial agreements built on reciprocity, respect, and renewal. 

These videos will:

  • help students gain an appreciation of their role and responsibilities in renewing and maintaining treaty relationships;
  • help students appreciate the need for allyship and reciprocity;
  • provide students with a connection to the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (Mississaugas) of the past and present through an understanding that through the treaties, the Mississaugas intended to create ongoing relationships beneficial to everyone; 
  • students will see and feel that the Mississaugas of today are vibrant, proud people who are maintaining their traditions—connection to/relationship with the land, harvesting skills, and language.

This is a prerecorded video.

Registration will open after February 28th.