Chinese Lunar New Year

  • JK – Grade 8

Enjoy this video created by the Yuan Yin Group to celebrate Lunar New Year.


  • 00:51 to 7:35 Chinese New Year Stories
  • 07:35 to 16:23 Five Examples of Chinese Musical Instruments (GuZheng, Chinese Lute/Pipa, ErHu, GuQin, BianZhong)
  • 16:23 to 27:56 Performance featuring instruments of GuZheng and Guqin, with the songs represent spring, summer, fall and winter
  • 27:56 to 29:38 Playing western songs on a traditional Chinese musical instrument (i.e.Twinkle twinkle little star, Mary had a little lamb, etc.)
  • 29:38 – End: Traditional Chinese music that represents the elements from the nature (wind, cloud, river)