Art From the Heart

Aiden Lee, Artist

Aiden Lee is a 16 year old artist with autism, ADHD and anxiety. When Aiden was very young, his autism inhibited him from communicating what he was feeling through speech. So he painted to show his emotions and feels most comfortable expressing himself through all forms of art. His newest reason to pick up his paint brush is teaching. Aiden sees how happy the students are to learn and to show off their abilities.

The program will cover the following elements of art: Art is Colour, Art is lines, Art is shapes, Art is texture, Art is space, Art is feelings. The students will work on canvas as Aiden wants them to hang their paintings and feel happy seeing the colours and designs. He wants them to “Be motivated and proud”.

Capacity: maximum 50 students
Availability – Mornings only  

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(Program provider will confirm availability directly. Some programs will have specific availability.)

(Some programs have limitations) Please ensure the maximum number of students attend each performance as specified by the arts organization.

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