Debwewin: Truth of the Land Videos (Registration Required)

  • VIRTUAL- Available to all Halton schools.

We are all treaty people. When we learn about the historical and contemporary Treaties in Oakville, we grow into Debwewin—the Truth that guides us forward to honour the mutually beneficial agreements built on reciprocity, respect, and renewal.

These videos will:

  • help students gain an appreciation of their role and responsibilities in renewing and maintaining treaty relationships;

  • help students appreciate the need for allyship and reciprocity;

  • provide students with a connection to the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (Mississaugas) of the past and present through an understanding that through the treaties, the Mississaugas intended to create ongoing relationships beneficial to everyone;

  • students will see and feel that the Mississaugas of today are vibrant, proud people who are maintaining their traditions—connection to/relationship with the land, harvesting skills, and language.


Grades JK – 8

Prerecorded video

Back Home Again (Registration Required)

  • VIRTUAL- Available to all Halton Schools.

The Beast, Wildfire at Fort McMurray is an animated re imagining of one of the largest wildfire evacuations in Canadian History. When they lost everything, a community came together and discovered the power of mental health. Inspired by the true story of the heroes of the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada Short 30 minute animated award winning film. Registration includes questions for classroom discussion and activity worksheets.

Grades JK – 8

Prerecorded video

Guided Moccasin Trail Walk (Registration Required)

  • VIRTUAL- (Video available to all Halton schools) JK – Grade 8

In the tradition of the Anishinaabe (the Original People), and the Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse), this journey follows the elements of their traditional teachings and Thanksgiving Address in which we acknowledge and express our collective appreciation for what the Creation provides for us. In addition to the Creator and his Spirit helpers, both the Anishinaabe and the Haudenosaunee as do many First Nations, give thanks for the People, Mother Earth, Water, Plant Life, Fruits, Medicines, Fish, Trees, Birds, Four Winds, Grandfather Thunder, Elder Brother the Sun, Grandmother Moon, and the Stars. 

Join Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Stephen Paquette and take a virtual walk along Oakville’s trail system, specifically Lion’s Valley Moccasin Trail. Explore the local interrelationships between people and our natural environment.

Belonging and Racial Identity in Halton Mini-Series (Teacher Resource Only)

The Belonging and Racial Identity in Halton report is a community-led project that further explores how to provide First Nations, Inuit and Metis and racialized individuals with a greater sense of inclusion and belonging in all areas of community life. The report is the culmination of a local survey that sought the thoughts and opinions of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour who live, work and spend time in Halton Region.

To support the findings in the report and present them in a way that is digestible, accompanying videos have been created that walk through areas such as Inclusivity in Education, Cultural Displays, Inclusivity in the Workplace, Healthcare, Rebuilding the Justice System and more. The videos also outline a number of recommendations and include Discussion Topics.

Please register to receive the two-part video series put together by award-winning media production company Falling Motion.

Bhangra with Gurdeep Pandher (Registration Required)

  • VIRTUAL- JK – Grade 8

Gurdeep Pandher is known for posting Bhangra dance videos filmed in the beautiful scenery of the Yukon and has created a special video just for Community Classroom!

Bhangra is the traditional dance of Punjab. It is native to the Punjabi nation. A long time ago, Punjabi-Sikh farmers started to use different aspects of farming to create a dance form. This farming influenced style of dance celebrates food-growing, harvesting and relationship to the land, which they later called Bhangra.

  • Pre Recorded video
  • Curriculum connection: Health and Physical Education; Social Studies

Registration required below.

Moccasin Identifier Kit (Registration Required)

  • IN SCHOOL – (Available to Oakville Schools Only) JK to Grade 8

Developed by former Chief of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Carolyn King. The goal of the Moccasin Identifier Kit is to develop a greater understanding of Treaties and Indigenous relationship to land for the benefit of reconciliation as well as to restore harmony between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples. The Kit includes 4 Moccasin Identifier Stencils reflecting the Indigenous linguistic diversity of Ontario: the Anishinaabe moccasin, the Cree moccasin, the Huron-Wendat moccasin and the Seneca moccasin.

One (1) Moccasin Identifier Kit is available, free, for every publicly-funded elementary school in Oakville and will be delivered directly to your school upon registration.

Registration required below.

Steel Pan Drumming (Registration Required)

  • VIRTUAL- Available for all Halton Schools. JK – Grade 8.

A pre-recorded video with CCAH’s steelpan instructors where students learn about the steelpan and enjoy a performance.